Benin club golf, the home of golf and it is our mission to give you the very best, and create a environment for you to relax, connect and have fun, play around and keep swinging.

Our Philosophy

Golf can be an enjoyable hobby to some, an obsession for others, even a religion to those dedicated few.
The Benin Club Golf wishes to provide all members with a golfing home. Whether young or old, leisure-time or competitive athletes, beginners or professionals – here golfers can feel at home.
Carefree rounds of golf in the lovely natural landscape of our small but challenging course and among friends is the objective which drives the Board, the employees and the members. Friendliness and respect are the basic principles for collaborative actions and dealings with each other.


The provision of a high quality, value-for-money golfing and social experience for our members.


To have a high-quality and comfortable clubhouse with first-class hospitality and a variety of social events

Our History

100 BC Early forms of Golf traced back to the Roman game of paganica, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball
960-1279 Games similar to golf – called chuíw án — played with several clubs and a ball are being played in China during the Song Dynasty
15th Century The origin of the modern game is usually traced to Scotland. In the 15th century
1457 The Scottish Parliament passed several acts banning the practice of the game, along with football (soccer), because the two sports were interfering with archery practice, which was necessary for national defence. The first act was passed in 1457 by James II, King of Scotland, and it was reaffirmed in 1471and 1491.
1500 The ban on golf in Scotland is lifted and within two years King James IV of Scotland takes up the game himself.

Our Location